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Evangelist Genikwa Williams
Director of Outreach Division
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The Outreach Division at Faith Deliverance Worship Center, Inc. (FDWC), is the “heart” of this local assembly. It exists to demonstrate the compassion of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, as described in His discourse in Matthew 25:31-40, which closes with the Lord saying these words: “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these My brethren, ye have done it unto Me” (v. 40). The division’s purpose will be fulfilled by members regularly and generously sharing Christian love, kindness, presence, and truth within our community and abroad.

MINISTRIES: The following is a list and brief descriptions of all ministries currently in existence or planned under the Outreach Division:

  • Evangelism Ministry:

  • Purpose: The purpose of the Evangelism Ministry is to educate, equip, and encourage believers in the church to engage in personal evangelism—i.e., sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those they know and those who are in our community.
  • Activities include: neighborhood witnessing; evangelism training; prayer walks; altar care workers; and hosting evangelistic guest speakers, outreach services, and events.
  • Ministry Coordinator: Sister Doris Holloway
  • Ministry Assistant: Sister Jackie Lloyd
  • Light of Hope Ministry:

  • Purpose: The purpose of the Light of Hope Ministry is to provide support groups that offer comfortable and confidential environments where people who have faced similar life-altering experiences (such as domestic violence, substance abuse, or the death of a loved one) can find help.
  • Activities include: the GriefShare Program and other support groups.
  • Ministry Coordinator: Sister Patricia Dunn-Jones
  • Missions Ministry:

  • Purpose: The Gospel cannot be discovered, it must be disclosed. It is an invitation to relationship. That is why God wants everyone to have His invitation. He sends messengers to convey that Message.
  • Activities include: hosting food and clothing drives; having a monthly foreign missions prayer focus; financially supporting for vocational missionaries; inviting guest speakers on missions-related topics; and offering exposure to and opportunities for mission trips.
  • Background on Benin

    The late President Kerekou once led the nation of Benin into Marxism. He later won two executive elections for the presidency as a born-again believer. President Kerekou sought to have his nation changed by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He desired believers who are descendants of African slavery to bring the gospel to the 5,000 towns and villages that are bound by Satan through voodoo.

    Benin’s Two Major Contributions to the world are: 1) It’s infamous slave port for sending slaves to the Americas from Africa. 2) It is the center of Voodoo for Africa and the world.

    Today, Ambassadors Fellowship, an international, interdenominational missions organization, is presently working with pastors who oversee over 100 churches in Benin. These pastors have asked that the ministry assist them with reaching 1/10th (1 million people) of their national for Christ in the next 5 years. It is now time for the gospel to penetrate the entire nation.

    Long Term Goals

    The long term ministry goal of Ambassadors Fellowship is to continue to develop a base that will train church leaders in discipleship, help transform their congregations into disciples of Jesus Christ, and create hundreds of disciple makers who will go out as ambassadors of Christ, taking the Good News to regions of the world where Jesus is not known.

    Outreach Opportunities

    For Those Whom the Lord is calling to be involved in the outreach to Benin, the ministry will focus on

    1. Prayer/Intercession: Establishing a full-time prayer ministry for Benin and for West Africa.
    2. Village Outreach: Bible training, conferences, special prayer ministry, and special needs projects that will help the villages.
    3. University Student Outreach: Evangelism and Bible teaching for students.
    4. Business Ventures: Farm land developmental opportunities which are designed to support the ongoing ministry expansion in all of West Africa.

    Please contact the church for additional information

  • Nursing Home Ministry:

  • Purpose: The purpose of the Nursing Home Ministry is to demonstrate the love of God by regularly visiting and ministering to residents in local nursing homes and/or rehabilitation centers.
  • Ministry Coordinator: Rev. Belinda Kelley
  • Activities include: the Angel Tree Program and plans to offer an in-prison worship and discipleship program.
  • Ministry Coordinators: Evangelist Williams and Min. Martha Harris
  • Senior Care Ministry:

  • Purpose: The purpose of the Senior Care Ministry is to help meet the natural and spiritual needs of the elderly and those who care for them.
  • Activities include: monthly fellowship luncheons; guest speakers; and other outings.
  • Ministry Coordinator: Sister Frankie Rowser
  • Ministry Assistant: Sister Rose Ball

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